Wild Animals on canvas by Richard Symonds


Ace artist Richard Symonds has 20 plus years of experience in wildlife drawings. Each of his masterpiece looks better than the previous one. He has been fortunate to travel across the globe from the USA, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe in search of his wildlife subject.

His most fascinating moment was in 2006 when he completed his first life-size oil painting of an African bull elephant called “Tembo”, which was sold for a whopping $100,000.00.  He is a great philanthropist, as he donates his earnings as well as paintings on canvas for the betterment of wildlife. Enjoy the great artist’s illustrations.

Richard-Symonds-Artist-18 Richard-Symonds-Artist-17 Richard-Symonds-Artist-16 Richard-Symonds-Artist-15 Richard-Symonds-Artist-14 Richard-Symonds-Artist-13 Richard-Symonds-Artist-12 Richard-Symonds-Artist-2 Richard-Symonds-Artist-11 Richard-Symonds-Artist-10 Richard-Symonds-Artist-9 Richard-Symonds-Artist-8 Richard-Symonds-Artist-7 Richard-Symonds-Artist-6 Richard-Symonds-Artist-5 Richard-Symonds-Artist-4 Richard-Symonds-Artist-3


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