Fabulous Toyota Concept Car made out of WOOD


“The ultimate concept car will move so fast, even at rest, as to be invisible.”

? J.G. Ballard

Toyota motors have come up Setsuna a concept car made completely out of wood. Its scheduled to be premiered later this month in Milan Design Week to be held at Italy. This classy looking concept car is the brain-work of Toyota engineer Kenji Tsuji and his team. Setsuna has got all the latest gadgets and technology equipped into it.

The body of the car is constructed from 86 handmade wood panels. Although its all wood but this wood is long lasting and if ever the car parts require replacement.then required, each of these panels can be replaced. Owners will be able to see where the work has been done, and remember the moment. As the wood slowly bends over time, the shape of the car will take a more pronounced curve, just like on a wooden boat. The car is fully operative, however as it’s only a concept car, it can’t be driven on public roads.

It is electric and run by six 12-volt, lead-acid batteries, and it can be driven by you up to 28 miles per hour. Week with an increase of details expected for launch nearer the version’s introduction at Milan Design details of the Setsuna are rare. Stay tuned for more info including price, launching date and also full specs.


Setsuna – Wooden concept car.toyota-setsuna-fy-1



Setsuna – Wooden concept car.toyota-setsuna-fy-2



Setsuna – Wooden concept car.toyota-setsuna-fy-3




Setsuna – Wooden concept car.toyota-setsuna-fy-4




Setsuna – Wooden concept car.toyota-setsuna-fy-5




Setsuna – Wooden concept car.toyota-setsuna-fy-6




Setsuna – Wooden concept car.toyota-setsuna-fy-7




Setsuna – Wooden concept car.toyota-setsuna-fy-9




Setsuna – Wooden concept car.toyota-setsuna-fy-12




Setsuna – Wooden concept car.toyota-setsuna-fy-14




Setsuna – Wooden concept car.toyota-setsuna-fy-15




Setsuna – Wooden concept car.toyota-setsuna-fy-17


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