A Heart touching, Playful photography of 91yr old DEMENTIA Patient


Professional full-time artist/painter since 1978 Tony Luciani has won numerous awards and grant’s for his extraordinary artwork, including Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant (2014,2010,2009), Ontario Arts Council Visual Materials Grant (1993,1990,1989,1984), Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant (1980,1979). His work of art has been appreciated nationally and internationally as well.

Although all his artwork have garnered lots of attention, but the project “The Stranger Ones” has been appreciated by many because of the emotion’s and liveliness that it holds. The project involves a Elia Luciani, Tony’s mother who is 91 years old Alzheimer patient, who developed dementia while recovering from a broken hip. Since then Tony has been her caregiver.

Tony Luciani came out with a unique idea to incorporate his mother in his artwork, thus Elia became Tony’s model and a subject for his photography to narrate the daily life of mother and son duo living with dementia. The outcome was totally unexpected and unforgettable story album. It’s a surreal, whimsical representation of how we see ourselves as we age, especially when it’s coupled with significant memory loss.

Tony-Luciani-The-Strange-Ones-dementia-photographs-image (10)Tony-Luciani-The-Strange-Ones-dementia-photographs-image (9)Tony-Luciani-The-Strange-Ones-dementia-photographs-image (8)Tony-Luciani-The-Strange-Ones-dementia-photographs-image (7)Tony-Luciani-The-Strange-Ones-dementia-photographs-image (6)


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