The Magic City: MIAMI!!!


Miami is an international city at Florida’s southeastern tip. Miami is one of the state’s and the world’s most popular vacation spots. Miami is the land of sun and surf, often conjuring images of neon, beach umbrellas, and thoroughfares riddled with convertibles. Fine dining, ballet, art Deco museums, and indulgent spas also make up the landscape of this South Florida city.

The plush hotels in Miami Beach and the historic hideaways of Coral Gables. Seemingly endless shopping opportunities in modern, sprawling malls and the quiet, personal attention offered by the family-owned shops of Coconut Grove and many other corners of the region. Some of the most fascinating things about Miami are the lures of deep-sea fishing and golf and tennis, major league football, basketball, hockey and baseball, boat shows and auto racing and Art festivals and outdoor food and wine extravaganzas. An international airport and the world’s busiest cruise port. The Miami area offers all of this and so much more.  Peak season in the greater Miami area is right when things are starting to heat up which is from January through April.

1. Zoo MiamiMiami-Zoo

Zoo Miami is fast becoming one of the best zoos in the nation. Its climate allows it to keep a wide variety of animals from Asia, Australia and Africa like no other zoo in the country. One of the first free-range zoos in the country, the exhibits are entirely cageless. Animals are grouped according to their geographic territory and animals that live together peacefully in the wild are placed in exhibits together.

2.Miami Sea aquariumMiami Sea Aquarium

The Miami Seaquarium is located right in the middle of the tourist area, on the causeway between downtown Miami and Key Biscayne. It’s a fabulous stop where you can witness an outdoor aquarium experience that’s only possible in our tropical climate. Be sure to budget enough time to spend at least half a day there!

3. Miami Museum of ScienceMiami Museum of Science and Planetarium

Miami Science Museum offers children and adults alike an entertaining, educational experience. It’s a great place to visit, whether you’re on vacation, a school field trip or a weekend family outing.


4.Coral CastleCoral Castle

Coral Castle is an oolite limestone structure created by the Latvian American eccentric Edward Leedskalnin located in Leisure City, Florida, in Miami-Dade County at the intersection of South Dixie Highway and SW 157th Avenue.


5. Jungle IslandJungle Island

Jungle Island (formerly known as Parrot Jungle) offers visitors a fun, educational opportunity to get an up-close look at tropical birds in replicas of their natural habitats. The attraction routinely hosts field trips and offers frequent educational programs.


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