The art of cheating in Exams


Now here’s the real question: have you ever cheated on a test/exam? This masterpiece article is a WIN WIN WIN situation for all the students, professors and parents to learn and educate our self on the various methods of cheating used during exams.

These are some extreme steps taken by students to beat their professors and succeed in cheating during their exams. For professors, it’s an eye opener to prevent any such methods being repeated during their test/exam. For parents, it’s an educative method to explain to their child, on how to avoid using these methods. Students will admire the creative methods used by various desperate kids. Enjoy.

Cheating-1 Cheating-11 Cheating-10 Cheating-9 Cheating-8 Cheating-7 Cheating-6 Cheating-5 Cheating-4 Cheating-3 Cheating-2


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