The Amazing Photos From 2017 National Geographic Traveler Contest’s


    This year’s National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest has opened in 2017, and the entries so far are outstanding. Competition hopefuls were asked to submit images that “tell the story of a place”, or capture how the photographer is inspired when traveling.

    The official categories are Nature, Cities and People with pictures ranging from exotic animals to jaw-dropping rural landscape. These stunning shots are so miraculous that make us help to know the relationship with our mother nature.

    The submissions were closed on June 30 and the winners won’t be announced till August. The grand-prize winner will receive a 10-day trip for two to the Galápagos Archipelago with National Geographic Expeditions.

    Everyone is a fan of Nat Geo Magazine therefor to make the waiting easier, Nat Geo editors have released their favorite entries. Here are some of the best Nature entries to the contest that are currently battling for the category’s top spots and the grand prize.

    #1. Southern Calamari Squid Sunset by Photographer Jordan Robins.national-geographic-travel-nature-photographer-of-the-year-contest-2017-1-595c93424ba8d__880


    #2. Green Gours Reflection by Photographer Ronald Fritz.national-geographic-travel-nature-photographer-of-the-year-contest-2017-3-595c93486c621__880


    #3. Lunch Time by Photographer Andrey Narchuk.national-geographic-travel-nature-photographer-of-the-year-contest-2017-14-595c936244ff7__880


    #4. Major Lightning Storm Canada by Photographer Mark Duffy.national-geographic-travel-nature-photographer-of-the-year-contest-2017-16-595c93675a481__880


    #5. Solidified Lava Vs Forest by Photographer Placido Faranda.national-geographic-travel-nature-photographer-of-the-year-contest-2017-17-595c936907924__880


    #6. The March by Photographer Torie Hilley.national-geographic-travel-nature-photographer-of-the-year-contest-2017-30-595c9380dfa98__880


    #7. Thousand Seabirds by Photographer Emilio Pang.national-geographic-travel-nature-photographer-of-the-year-contest-2017-34-595c938840b7b__880


    #8. Emperors In The Storm by Photographer Jose Rosas.national-geographic-travel-nature-photographer-of-the-year-contest-2017-45-595c939b5b72f__880


    #9. Mother And Cub by Photographer Baoting (Bob) Chen.national-geographic-travel-nature-photographer-of-the-year-contest-2017-46-595c939cd1f19__880


    #10. Provence, The Summer Haircut by Photographer Jerome Courtial.national-geographic-travel-nature-photographer-of-the-year-contest-2017-48-595c93a0422b6__880


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