Symbol of Love, Statue of Man and Woman Pass Through Each Other


Shocking affection stories are ageless. Ali and Nino is the adoration story for Georgia and the nation has a stunning statue committed to it. “The Statue of Love” remembers the 1937 novel Ali and Nino about the appalling adoration for a Muslim Azerbaijani boy and Christian Georgian princess at last separated by the Bolshevik attack. The statue is 23 feet/7 meters tall and it moves. Whenever initiated, the metal statues of a man a lady come nearer until they kiss, then union, then travel through each other and separate.

The author of the story is still fervently, just known by the pen name Kurbain Said. No less than three specialists have made a case for the name. Never the less, the novel is perceived as a showstopper and a vital piece of Georgian writing. The figure was composed by Tamara Kvesitadze, a Georgian craftsman.


moving-metal-statue-ali-nino-love-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-2 moving-metal-statue-ali-nino-love-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-9 moving-metal-statue-ali-nino-love-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-10 moving-metal-statue-ali-nino-love-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-12 moving-metal-statue-ali-nino-love-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-13 moving-metal-statue-ali-nino-love-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-14 moving-metal-statue-ali-nino-love-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-15


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