Small real life sketches by Natasa Polizou


    Natasa Polizou designer and illustrator based in Greece creates beautiful and amazing small sketches depicting our normal day to day life. She is absolutely magnificent with her small sketch cut outs placed in various parts of the city, making one feel like it is a reality.

    She goes by the name “Natasouko”, and sells her creativity on T-shirts, Iphone and Ipod cases, Mugs, Tote Bags etc. Do give us your feedback on how you liked our article. Enjoy your weekend and take care.

    natasouko-4 natasouko-1 natasouko-15 natasouko-2 natasouko-12 natasouko-13 natasouko-7 natasouko-5 natasouko-14 natasouko-3 natasouko-10natasouko-9natasouko-11natasouko-6


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