Russian Crafts Glass animals figurines


Russian Crafts is a company which holds sole propitiatory over Russian handicrafts, it is dedicated to the Russian craft products and to cultural, historical, literature and folk heritage. The site boast about the collection of most popular Russian gifts and souvenirs and other goods like nesting dolls, lacquer boxes Pavlovsky Posad wool and Orenburg lace, knitted shawls, enamel jewelry items, lacquer brooches and pins, Russian eggs, Russian musical boxes, art blown glass animal figurines.

The highlight of this store is the Glass animals figurines which are made in glass art studios in St.Petersburg. All glass animal figurines are hand blown, they are made in technique of lamp working. Each glass figurine is unique and there is not one exactly the same as all these glass animal figurines are hand made. Beautiful miniature glass figurines are perfect items for collecting.

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