Phuong Tran & Danny Tran Created Urethane Plastic Cell.


Phuong Tran & his brothers Danny Tran residing in Santa Ana, California, United States of America have started creating Plastic Cell to use their passion for sculpting, painting, and designing to create a unique and inspiring product.

These 5-inch resin sculpture was sculpted using extra firm polymer clay, hand-molded, and cast using high quality urethane plastic and silcone rubber. There are no machine involved in the making of our sculptures, each piece hand-painted with acrylic color using a variety of techniques.

Here are some of the amazing Plastic cell models by Phuong Tran & Danny Tran and you can also follow them on Instagram page @phuongtrvn.

Plastic-Cell-Sculpture (9)

Plastic-Cell-Sculpt (6)

Plastic-Cell-Sculpt (10)

Plastic-Cell-Sculpt (8)

Plastic-Cell-Sculpt (7)


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