humorous Photo-editing by John Wilhelm a.k.a Photoholic


    John Wilhelm is a one of a kind photographer from Switzerland. Although he’s an IT head by profession John obsession is photography and because of this passion he prefers calling himself a photoholic.

    Using Photoshop and his own images John loves to bring out creativity and fantasies from his mind to life.

    Photography was in John’s genes, with his dad an experienced hobby photographer and a founder of a few local photography associations. John’s childhood has been spent in dark rooms, camera, lenses, magazines and all. It was only when while holding his first Digi-cam John felt something different and magical and since then camera became his only buddy. The next few years went in learning about the techniques, camera system, experiences and software products. It was in Feb 2011 when John Wilhelm decided to take a step further and enter into the world of Photoshop and that decision he never regretted till.


    Snow Angel - Springtime Edition

    just a children room John Wilhelm

    John Wilhelm toilet paper harvest

    The legendary measles fraud

    John Wilhelm the good weather umbrella

    John Wilhelm spring is in the air

    Miss Clever Clogs' graduation

    John Wilhelm last hair standing


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