Outstanding Blooming Metallic Birds & Animals Created by Taiichiro Yoshida.


Tokyo based sculptor Taiichiro Yoshida conforms to century old traditions in his hot-metal treated sculptures of flower-encrusted animals. Yoshida achieves the Delicate nature of each piece through something, where the hot metal is carefully beaten and then formed into blooms before being colored.  Yoshida’s uses copper and silver, are naturally occurring in nature, showing a connection between his natural materials and his subjects.

There are four characteristic colors in his work: white, pink, pinkish brown, and copper patina. He admits the work can be difficult and tedious to produce, a mastery that earned him the 2015 Taro Okamoto Contemporary Award for his meticulous handiwork. Snow monkeys, rabbits, cats, and birds like sparrows and doves are just a few of the animals that he represents in his work, coated with layers of intricate metal floral and feathers in various colors.

Though the Yoshida’s work is in many ways a return to traditional tastes, his experimentation in colors, detailing and abstraction blurs the line between ancestral and contemporary. You can see his more beautiful Blooming Metallic Birds & Animals on her Instagram page.


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