Maude White Convoluted Paper cuttings proves that KNIFE do not always KILL


Paper come’s in various forms and is linked with us in nearly every part of our daily lives. from newspaper,magazine, pizza box, legal documents, passport,dollars in our wallet,movie tickets,paper bags, tissue papers, and so on. Paper is just a paper unless an imaginative or a creative mind ventures into the hidden potential of this incredible material.

Paper is a material with endless expressive possibilities presented before us in different forms, styles and characters and yet they share one common thing -they are made from PAPER!

Maude White a paper-cutting artist from Hudson Valley. Frees the souls that are trapped in paper with her master craftsmanship work involves on the macro as well as the micro level. cutting little pieces of paper with so much ease, she actually enjoys the process and doesn’t believe in finishing fast.

Her work has been appreciated and rewarded globally, and exhibited in in New York City, Hudson, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and a large number of varied locations in Western New York. Shes an acclaimed Margaret Mead award winner from the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

According to her the environment she grew up helped her a lot in shaping her profession a lot both through visual craftsmanship and written wordsmithing has shaped both her cut paper art and her writing.



#The feathery touch:brave-bird-paper-art-maude-white-2

#The Dragon and the girl:brave-bird-paper-art-maude-white-5

#The Ship sailing:brave-bird-paper-art-maude-white-4

#The Elephant:brave-bird-paper-art-maude-white-7

#The Tangled flowers:brave-bird-paper-art-maude-white-8

#The Hawk:brave-bird-paper-art-maude-white-6

#The Carcass:brave-bird-paper-art-maude-white-1

#The Bubbles:brave-bird-paper-art-maude-white-3

 #The Swan:IMG_6699

#The perfect Flight:IMG_6928

#Beautiful Home decoration:IMG_7105

#The Hibiscus Flower:IMG_9869


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