MATTHEW GRABELSKY Artworks Shows Humorous Illustration Of Our Modern Life.


MATTHEW GRABELSKY is an American painter born in Los Angeles and raised in New York, he graduated from Rice University in 2002 with a BA in Art and Art History and a BS in Astrophysics.  MATTHEW has created digital paintings that combine the physical world that people see every day with imagery from mythology and dreams, he paints in a highly realistic manner

These paintings are not intended to be viewed as a fantasy or as allegory, but rather as a blend of everyday experiences with the subconscious. They are enigmatic, and create dreamlike worlds that invite viewers to form their own interpretations of the imagery presented.

MATTHEW use visual language to craft modern narratives & he place, subjects in urban settings like trains, gritty alleyways, and cosmopolitan cityscapes then introduce a twist to create a mix of rational and irrational elements. Here are some of the hyper realistic digital paintings by MATTHEW GRABELSKY & you can see her latest images on his Personal Website.


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