Mark Powell Creates Magnificent Bic Ballpoint Pen Portraits on Vintage Maps.


London-based artist Mark Powell reuses old envelopes as canvases to produce incredible drawings. Mark draws the wrinkled contours of his subject’s faces with a standard black Bic ballpoint pen and they often incorporate original stamps and postage marks.

The weathered portraits of both famous and anonymous people reflect his antiquated canvases both in texture and tone as he traces the topographies of their faces across literal street maps or paper materials that have traversed the world. Powell’s portraits are amusing in the way they incorporate the lines and postage stamps of the envelopes into the wrinkles and shading of each distinct face. Each portrait becomes as much about the canvas as it is about the person depicted, adding another layer to examine as the viewer gets lost in the eyes of the subject.

Powell’s drawings have grown in both scale and detail over the years, magnifying the impact and density of each piece. You can see more of his recent work on his website & his Instagram page.


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