LEVON BISS world of Mesmerizing Insects Macro Photography.


Levon Biss is taking macro photography a step further with his latest project called “Microsculpture“, in which he lets the viewer experience the intricate beauty of insects at their own scale.

These photos are not your ordinary macro shots, they’re actually made of thousands of separate photos (8,000 to 10,000 for each finished image) taken through a microscopic lens and later stitched together using image editing software. The microscopic lens has a very shallow depth of field, so in order to capture everything in perfect detail, the photographer has to scan the subject nanometer by nanometer. A single picture takes Levon from 2 to 3 three weeks to finish.





Microsculpture 1macro-insect-photos-made-10k-images-levon-biss-5



Microsculpture 2.macro-insect-photos-made-10k-images-levon-biss-3



Microsculpture 3.macro-insect-photos-made-10k-images-levon-biss-7



Microsculpture 4macro-insect-photos-made-10k-images-levon-biss-6



Microsculpture 5macro-insect-photos-made-10k-images-levon-biss-2



Microsculpture 6macro-insect-photos-made-10k-images-levon-biss-4



Microsculpture 7.macro-insect-photos-made-10k-images-levon-biss


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