From Scrap Metal to Beautiful Butterfly by Kari Von Wening


Kari Von Wening love for metal started off during her work on intaglio printmaking, pop riveting old used printing plates altogether to form sculptures. In search of great flexibility which was not there in these plates led Kari Von Wening into the thought of using scarp metals which offered her creative choices in color, form and surface texture.

Each scrap metal piece provided her with a vast potential during assembling and designing the sculptures. The process involves carving out desired shapes using a plasma cutter torch, then welding the pieces all together. After which followed, adding layers of inks and spraying acrylic enamel over them and then fining tuning then using stabillo pencils. To prevent decay and to preserve color a clear acrylic coating is applied over the each piece.


kari von wening scrap metal art antkari von wening scrap metal art moth and insect2kari von wening scrap metal art luna_mothkari von wening scrap metal art moth and insect 1kari von wening scrap metal art moth and insect


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