A twist to the contemporary Embroidery Art.


The word ‘embroidery‘ comes with baggage; more often than not it evokes images of crocheted tea towels and twee cushion covers. But over the last few years, a new generation of textile and mixed media artists have been using both machine and hand stitch to challenge these preconceptions; they often honor traditional techniques but use them in combination with more contemporary mediums or methods to create artwork that is original and refreshing.



# Embroidery Art on METALoutside-the-box-embroidery-art-14



#Embroidery art on METAL.outside-the-box-embroidery-art-15


# Embroidery art on METAL.outside-the-box-embroidery-art-16


# Embroidery art on CAR.outside-the-box-embroidery-art-17



# Embroidery art on Temari Spheresoutside-the-box-embroidery-art-21




# Embroidery art (Vegetables) By Veselka Bulkanoutside-the-box-embroidery-art-27 outside-the-box-embroidery-art-28 outside-the-box-embroidery-art-29



#Teresa Lim’s  Embroidery art.outside-the-box-embroidery-art-37 outside-the-box-embroidery-art-38 outside-the-box-embroidery-art-39



# Embroidery Art on Shirts By Hiroko Kubotaoutside-the-box-embroidery-art-46


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