Balloon’s with a twist : Amazing sculptures by balloon twist artist Glen LaValley


Glen LaValley from Alberta, Canada is a balloon twist artist, who creates amazing balloon sculptures. Withover 15 years of experience as balloon twisting entertainer and a CBA (Certified Balloon Artist) designation from Qualatex, glen “The balloon guy” has won many prestigious awards amongst which is 1st Prize and Peoples choice awards for costume competition at the international twist and shout 2014-2015 conventions and people’s choice awards in decorating contest held at an Edmonton Kaleido lamppost.

The main motive behind Glens art is to spread happiness around the world and helping in making the world a better place to live in.

Glen LaValley owns a website dedicated to his artwork glenballoonguy  and  a Facebook page glen.lavalley 

glen-lavalley-the-balloon-guy-twisting-balloon-sculptures-images (1)glen-lavalley-the-balloon-guy-twisting-balloon-sculptures-images (7)glen-lavalley-the-balloon-guy-twisting-balloon-sculptures-images (8)glen-lavalley-the-balloon-guy-twisting-balloon-sculptures-images (5)glen-lavalley-the-balloon-guy-twisting-balloon-sculptures-images (10)


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