Hilarious Doodles by Manik and Ratan.


Super talented twin brothers Manik & Ratan from Bangladesh are ace cartoonist, animators and also designers. They have created their factitious dragon called “Drogo”. They use their imagination to use this dragon with daily objects. They create awesome doodles with daily objects.

Recently they have started using Drogo in various doodles and the end result is fantastic. From a normal balloon and chips to spoons and locks, they use a variety of daily objects to create fun loving doodles. Enjoy and do share it with your friends. Their Instagram handler is “@maniknratan”.

manik-ratan-bangladesh-7 manik-ratan-bangladesh-6 manik-ratan-bangladesh-5 manik-ratan-bangladesh-4 manik-ratan-bangladesh-3 manik-ratan-bangladesh-2 manik-ratan-bangladesh-1manik-ratan-bangladesh-15manik-ratan-bangladesh-14manik-ratan-bangladesh-13manik-ratan-bangladesh-12manik-ratan-bangladesh-11manik-ratan-bangladesh-10manik-ratan-bangladesh-9manik-ratan-bangladesh-8


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