Awesome Easy Tricks to Make Your Devices Look as Good as New.


Every day, almost everyone who’s in touch with the modern world uses a minimum of 2-3 different gadgets. All this technology has to be kept in good condition if we’re to make it last a long time. Mentioning it to make it last a long time can be really easy with these simple tricks!

Here are simple tricks that will help you get  your devices look brand new again.

1. Sticky tape works well for cleaning your keyboardsimple-tricks-to-make-all-your-devices-look-good-as-new-1


2. A roller for your clothes can help get rid of the dust on computer speakerssimple-tricks-to-make-all-your-devices-look-good-as-new-2


3. An interdental brush is ideal for cleaning a headphone jacksimple-tricks-to-make-all-your-devices-look-good-as-new-3


4. Earphones can be cleaned easily with an ordinary toothbrushsimple-tricks-to-make-all-your-devices-look-good-as-new-4


5. Remove scratches from your smartphone’s screen using polishsimple-tricks-to-make-all-your-devices-look-good-as-new-5


6. Use a simple homemade brush to clean the USB ports on your computersimple-tricks-to-make-all-your-devices-look-good-as-new-6


7. Remove dirt from around the buttons on your smartphone with a toothbrushsimple-tricks-to-make-all-your-devices-look-good-as-new-7


8. The dirt on electrical cords can be removed with the help of an ordinary erasersimple-tricks-to-make-all-your-devices-look-good-as-new-8


9. Coffee filters are brilliant at removing the dust on your computer monitorsimple-tricks-to-make-all-your-devices-look-good-as-new-9


10. The screens of your devices should be cleaned using a microfiber clothsimple-tricks-to-make-all-your-devices-look-good-as-new-10


11. Wipe the glass screen on your smartphone or tablet with ordinary papersimple-tricks-to-make-all-your-devices-look-good-as-new-11





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