Cute Pookie Cat’s World & Fairies World by Maria van Bruggen.


Maria van Bruggen, who is an artist and illustrator from Moscow, Russia, Europe is working in traditional watercolor. Maria Draws Pookie Cat and Fairies with watercolors, pencils and ink. Pookie Cat brand, featuring an orange funny cat with character. She very much influences by Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Classical nudes and Nature. Maria paints what she sees around her, what touches her feelings and awakens her mind.

Maria shows the Different view on Life and the cuteness of the cat.  Bruggen has over 15 years experience in book illustration, character design, product design and others. Her particular area of expertise is character design and book illustration. She is working on her own company Pookies World, which is featuring her world famous character cat pookie.

Presenting to you at amazing Pookies cat illustration by Maria van Bruggen. You can also see her more work on Facebook.

Maria-van-Bruggen-pookies-cat-drwaings-art (5)

Maria-van-Bruggen-pookies-cat-drwaings-art (4)



Maria-van-Bruggen-pookies-cat-drwaings-art (2)


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