Cats as pets are not for anyone: Comical Illustration by Lingvistov


You have to be very insensitive in order to have a cat, because I think they’re very independent. When they’re kittens, you think they’re going to have a dog temperament in that they’re going to run to the door when you get home, lick you on the face and cuddle with you all the time, but cats are not that way.

Lingvistov team  Asia and Landysh, who  LOVE illustration art, cartoons, comics, memes and brilliant English humor! have posted yet another amazing illustration of benefits of having cats as a pet.


#21 Benefits of Having a catfunny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-1


# Cat is the best pillow.funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-2

# Cat is always good at technology. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-3

# Cat believes that fortune favors the bold. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-4

# Cat will be there when your’re sick. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-5

# Cat encourages you to exercise regularly. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-6

# Cat is your muse. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-7

# Cat questions your fashion taste, when you need it. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-8

# Cat knows the secret of great love life. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-9

# Cat is never scared to try something new. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-10

# Cat teaches you to love yourself. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-11

# Cat teaches you how to study efficiently. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-12

# Cat teaches you not to waste time. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-13

# Cat gives great presents. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-14

# Cat knows the good food. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-15

# Cat knows the value of comfort. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-16

# Cat teaches you to stop and see the beauty of the world. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-17

# Cat teaches you how to go against the system. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-18

# Cat knows how to put things in order. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-19

#Bonus – Free fur coat. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-20

# Cat makes the best alarm clock. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-21

# Cat makes a perfect hat. funny-illustrations-pets-benefits-of-having-a-cat-lingvistov-22


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