Frying pan genius dad makes stunning Brekfast pancakes


Quiet often Men and kitchen make a deadly combination. The idea of men inside kitchen freaks women out completely. Men’s are considered a novice when it comes to preparing something in the kitchen, and women visualize a messy kitchen floor, appliances and utensils when men take cooking jobs at hand.

Although not many of men love cooking and the above scenario is quite common in a lot of households, but today we present before you Brek Nebel. Brek from Washington is a super cool dad to a lovely son Koen  and a Frying pan genius who is  quiet famous amongst netizens for his BREKFAST i.e his pancake art. Ben is better than anyone else when it comes to making pancakes. His pancake’s mainly include Koen’s favorite cartoon characters and superheroes.

It all started out using molds and cookie cutter and slowly evolved with food coloring and finding the right tools. Each individual pancake requires 45 min of cooking time, but knowing that the finished product would be a lot yummier and delicious, its worth waiting for.

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