Beautiful & Colorful Graffiti Birds on the Streets of Brazil by Luis Seven Martins aka L7m.


Brazil based street artist Luis Seven Martins, who goes by the nickname L7m who has created gorgeous series of graffiti birds, where the large, colorful, feathered creatures emerge on the streets of Sao Paolo, Brazil. L7m was only 13 when he turned his spray paints. The 7 in his nick stands for the seventh letter that corresponds to the first letter of his middle name, and M and L are there for his first and last name.

With brush strokes and colorful bursting from this expressive collection, L7m uses various techniques & materials like china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic to achieve the strokes and swirls that reveal such realistic birds. In each piece, realistic eyes peer out at the viewer while the rest of the body, tail, and wings trail off into lively swirls and textures. The combination of realism and abstraction blur together to form the wide array of creative birds.

Scroll down & see the unique style of graffiti art by Luis Seven Martins aka L7m. You can enjoy the more images on his Instagram & Facebook page.



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