Aurodeva Guerci the Wine Artist


    Aurodeva Guerci is an artist based in Bordeaux, France, and he paints with wine. Now we know we all love to drink Wine, but have we ever imagined, what it looks like to have the wine on the canvas?

    Aurodeva Guerci says that he has developed a special technique which allows him to use different wine as a medium to create unique paintings that change and mature over time. His passion is to try and find many colors hidden inside a wine on his canvas. Sounds interesting, lets check out his great artworks.

    Aurodeva-Guerci-Wine-Artist-9 Aurodeva-Guerci-Wine-Artist-5 Aurodeva-Guerci-Wine-Artist-3 Aurodeva-Guerci-Wine-Artist-2 Aurodeva-Guerci-Wine-Artist-1


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