Artist Peter Csakvari’s Creates Tiny Little World Where Miniatures Meet Real Size Objects.


A food photographer Peter Csakvari from Budapest, Hungary who has changed routes and created a whole new world filled with miniature figures and everyday objects titled ‘Tiny Wasteland’ for a photo series. His ‘Tiny Wasteland‘ series features miniature figures placed next to everyday objects such as miniature toys, so as to create the illusion of a tiny world.

The ‘worlds’ range in location from sinkhole to Keyboard, and include a variety of different characters including construction workers, and robbers. The worlds vary between sites and range from figurines skiing on a plane of pancake flour to the Grim Reaper welcoming children from a pack of cigarettes.

Here are some of the tiny worlds filled with miniature figures & everyday object series by Peter Csakvari. You can follow him on Facebook & the @tinywasteland page to see more artwork.


#1 – ‘Backspace‘ – which shows a burial scene taking place around the delete key.


#2 – Big enough to handle a blueberry: The act out mining into the indigo-colored fruit in ‘Blueberry workers


#3 – Figurine-fighters: Fireman battle the heat from the chilis in the photo called ‘Chili’s on fire!’


#4 – Tiny children statues are welcomed by the Grim Reaper coming from a cigarette pack in ‘Come to daddy


#5 – Police figures investigate a murder in the photo titled ‘Devil’s sinkhole



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