Artist Jo Chorny/peaceofpaper1 creates appealing and complex animal artworks


Jo Chorny is an artist from Germany, who loves to cut paper by hand and scalpel to create the most appealing and complex animal artworks. Every piece created by Chorny consist of minute detail, that it feels like it was machine made. We can’t even imagine how long it would have taken her to complete these brilliant pieces.

Not only Chorny creates these magnificent paper cuts but also take their photographs to make her artwork look more noble. You can view Chorny artwork on her Instagram page peaceofpaper1 or buy her on

Check out some of Jo Chorny/peaceofpaper1 magnificent artwork.

Artist-peaceofpaper1-jo-chorny-1 Artist-peaceofpaper1-jo-chorny-2 Artist-peaceofpaper1-jo-chorny-4 Artist-peaceofpaper1-jo-chorny-9 Artist-peaceofpaper1-jo-chorny-8 Artist-peaceofpaper1-jo-chorny-7 Artist-peaceofpaper1-jo-chorny-6 Artist-peaceofpaper1-jo-chorny-5 Artist-peaceofpaper1-jo-chorny-10


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