Artist Felix Wolf Creates Amazing 3d Animations & Sculptures


Artist Felix Wolf is a 3d specialist in digital sculpting & Texturing as well as animation & composting. Felix uses advanced computer graphics to create designs and structure of various things.

Felix creates fantasy, dragons, humans and scary monsters which we are used to see in the movies. Some might even say that Felix’s artwork looks life like. He has a strong design background, having worked as an art director doing screen and motion design, he can create anything he can imagine.

Checkout Felix Wolf 3d design.

Artist-animation-felix-wolf-artoffelixwolf1 Artist-animation-felix-wolf-artoffelixwolf2 Artist-animation-felix-wolf-artoffelixwolf3 Artist-animation-felix-wolf-artoffelixwolf4 Artist-animation-felix-wolf-artoffelixwolf5 Artist-animation-felix-wolf-artoffelixwolf6 Artist-animation-felix-wolf-artoffelixwolf7 Artist-animation-felix-wolf-artoffelixwolf8 Artist-animation-felix-wolf-artoffelixwolf9 Artist-animation-felix-wolf-artoffelixwolf10


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