Artist Celina Ortiz creates eco-friendly “Tree of Life” pendants called ‘RecycledBeautifully’


Artist Celina Ortiz residing in Orlando, Florida creates Eco-friendly “Tree of Life” pendants together with her husband under the name ‘Recycled Beautifully’. The couple scavenges TVs that people are thrown away in the trash and remove copper or aluminum wire from them. Then they twist the wire into trees that wrap around various vibrant stones that range from conventional turquoise or agate to more psychedelic-looking opals and abalones.

Ortiz points out on Etsy shop that using recycled wire they are able keep these items out of the landfills but also able to keep their jewelry priced at amazingly low prices. These beautiful pendants sell from 40 to 70 USD.

Here are pictures of beautiful pendants created Celina Ortiz. You can also buy these beautiful pendants on Etsy Shop.



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