90’s Cartoon Tattoo Designs For Cartoon Lovers.


Some people believe that cartoons are only for kids and that adults grow out of them as they get older. This is wrong, although this may not apply to everyone, there are many individuals out there who love and appreciate cartoons even in their adulthood. Generally people of all ages enjoy any type of animated characters as they are part of an entertainment.

So if you’re someone who still very much loves their retro cartoons, Disney cartoons, Japanese anime cartoons, anything animated you’ll surely enjoy these tattoos that were dedicated to just that.


Paw Patrolcartoon-tattoo-art-2

Patrick Starcartoon-tattoo-art-3


Millhouse  cartoon-tattoo-art-4


Simba     cartoon-tattoo-art-5

Pikachu   cartoon-tattoo-art-7


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