Trina Merry Uses Body Paint To Disguise Women Against Graffiti & Murals.

Trina Merry is a body painting artist based in San Francisco. Naked models are turned into works of art by a painter Trina who spends hours blending their bodies into urban street scenes. Trina 33, uses body paint to camouflage the women against graffiti and murals on walls and buildings. Her images make clever use of the human bodies hiding underneath the paint.

In one image, a model’s sensual contours give the image an alluring mystique, while in another, the posing models’ tensed muscles lend the resulting image their raw power. The invisible artwork regularly catches passers-by off guard, who fail to notice the people hiding behind the paint as she painstakingly copies every detail onto the model.

Here are some of the amazing hidden body painting by Trina Merry & You can follow her Facebook & Instagram for more stuff.