Don’t Try To Eat These BreadCat Created by Rato Kim.

Toy artist Rato Kim based in Seoul, South Korea, United States of America who has mainly created cat themed toys. She was inspired by the image of cats sitting with their paws hidden so she created a cute toy of that shape. All design of Bread cat is handmade but don’t try to eat them because the toys are crafted from synthetic resin. After all these resin toys are looking a very realistic.

While creating these Bread-cat, Watermelon Cat, Pineapple cat and Peach cat the most difficult thing was to decide what facial expression they’ll have. Cats have various expressions so she chose to show a few of them on Bread cats and not to go with only one face.

Presenting you to the Breadcat created by Rato Kim.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram page and Facebook Account for more stuff.