Elaborate Mandala Designs Gilded with Gold Leaf by Artist Asmahan Mosleh.

United Kingdom based artist Asmahan A. Mosleh creates beautiful mandalas. The peaces, often gilded with gold leaf, begin with a pencil outline which she then traces in pen, and finally paint. Pearls of paint are added as final details that give the circular paintings a bit of texture, adding bright pops to the already dense designs.
Mosleh’s deep found love for elaborate mandala designs is evident in all of her compositions, seeking inspiration from temples, mosques and exotic architecture from all across the globe. Mosleh spends 8 to 54 hours on a single mandala and publishing photos of her intricate works on her Instagram, @murderandrose.
Mosleh works straight and decisively. From beginning to end of each mandala, where she practically consumed in the artwork pattern. Here are some of the stunning and beautiful mandalas created by  Asmahan A. Mosleh.