Algorithmic and Skeptical Digital Art by Giuseppe Randazzo.

At first glance the Stone Fields of designer Giuseppe Randazzo residing in Turin, Italy. Novastructura is maintained by Giuseppe where to share his works and experiments as well interests on several topics, ranging from generative art, new-media art and contemporary art, to architecture, coding, science, tech, and so on.

Under the Novastructura serise Giuseppe created the generative digital “sculptures” that depicted carefully organized pebbles and rocks on a flat plane. Titled Stone Fields, the works were inspired in part by similar land art pieces by English sculptor Richard Long. Randazzo’s C++ programming skills used to create a custom application that rendered 3D files based on a number of parameters.

Here are some of the amazing rock sculptures and  other projects by Giuseppe Randazzo, you can see a few more photos over on novastructura.