Brilliant Caricature Art by Indian Artist Mahesh Nambiar

Caricature is not everyone’s cup of tea, along with the artistic skills it requires a perfect sense of humor and comic timing as well. This is what Indian caricature artist Mahesh Nambiar proves with his brilliant art.

An artist and animator born in Southern part of India. Mahesh has won many awards and recognition in field of art. Mahesh has worked for many renowned firms including working as an Animation director at Toonz Animation Pvt Ltd and leading a team of animators at Auryn inc. Mahesh Nambiar has grown big time in terms of his skills. he has won quiet a lots of accolades for his stunning caricature drawings.

His amazing piece of art includes carciatures of renowned celebrities from Sports, Movies, Music, Art & Spiritual world for example: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Tennis Star Serena Williams, Spiritual Guru Dalai Lama, Cricketer Sachin tendulkar, Movie actor Jackie Chan, Football player Ronaldinho, American Rapper  Snoop Dogg, James Bond star Daniel Craig, M.I.B movie Star Tommy lee, King of Pop  Michael Jackson, etc

For more of his art visit: Mahesh Nambiar