13 year old creates very cute Star Wars Collection


Claudya¬†Chaufik’s¬†daughter is only 13, yet she came up with the idea for this cool Star Wars identification game all on her own.

The aim of this kit was to match the 20 Star Wars characters to their corresponding names. This awesome piece of art was crafted from singed pages of a book by which each character is hand drawn with felt tip black pen and shaded with color pencils.

Here are some pictures of the Star Wars identification kit.

13-year-old-daughter-made-this-star-wars-identification-kit-game-for-her-friends-birthday13-year-old-daughter-made-this-star-wars-identification-kit-game-for-her-friends-birthday (22)13-year-old-daughter-made-this-star-wars-identification-kit-game-for-her-friends-birthday (21)13-year-old-daughter-made-this-star-wars-identification-kit-game-for-her-friends-birthday (20)13-year-old-daughter-made-this-star-wars-identification-kit-game-for-her-friends-birthday (19)13-year-old-daughter-made-this-star-wars-identification-kit-game-for-her-friends-birthday (18)


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